Our Story

Ivan & Jen at the Taj Mahal in Agra, India

Ivan and Jennifer met at Tabu Lounge in MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas.  We were both going to see Paul Oakenfold perform.  We started hanging out more since we both liked dancing.  Ivan was due back in England soon. But, somehow Ivan and Jennifer began dating.  Their first adventure was Burning Man in Black Rock City, Nevada.  What a fun time!!

Ivan left for England, but came back a few weeks later.  We started living in a cool apartment on the Strip for a few months.  Ivan asked Jennifer if she wanted to go traveling around the world for a year.  Jen thought he was crazy!  But, she started thinking that it wasn’t THAT bad of an idea.

Ivan and Jen in Chiang Mai, Thailand

So, Ivan and Jen set out on their first RTW trip to Hong Kong with their monkey Lil Dave.  They traveled most of Southeast Asia, East part of Australia and a few countries in Europe.  Jen tried to look for a job after that 13 month trip, with no luck.  Ivan went to Africa for an overland trip.

Ivan came back to the USA and it was time for a roadtrip.  Ivan and Jen started driving around the USA to see the sights.

Jen & Ivan in Mississippi

We went to Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Utah during 2 months.  In between the roadtrip, we went on a Carnival Caribbean cruise.

A few months later, Ivan and Jen went on a 2 1/2 month trip through Europe.

Jen and Ivan in Vienna

We went to England, Ireland, France, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, Austria, Poland, Slovakia and Monaco.

Later that year, we visited Florida to visit Disney World and Universal Studios to see the Harry Potter theme park.

Ivan had itchy feet and wanted to travel more.  Ivan and Jen flew to Japan.  Jen was excited since she’s always wanted to visit!

Ivan and Jen in the Pink City of Jaipur, India

We started a 7 month trip through the Philippines, Thailand, India, Dubai, Maldives and England.

We went back to Las Vegas and bought a cool loft style house.  It was then that we were planning to get married.  Since Ivan is British, we had to get a fiancé visa in order to get married in the USA.  We started the long process in May 2011.

Ivan had to go back to England to do his medical in London for the fiancé visa.  We figured it might take awhile for him to get an interview date after that.. so Jen decided to come along.  It turned out to be another Europe trip!  Ivan and Jen were in Southend for awhile until they found out Ivan’s interview date.  Since it wasn’t until a few weeks time, they decided to go traveling in Europe.  First, it was a Holy Land cruse which took us through Italy, Egypt, Turkey, Israel and Cyprus.  Then, we went to Prague, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden and Denmark.  Ivan got his interview and we got approved and then we were off to Cancun, Mexico.  Ivan went there to get his tooth fixed.

We’ve been traveling for 3 years.  We’ve seen so many beautiful places and have had many adventures.  It’s hard now for us to pick a cool place to go on honeymoon.